Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.
— Anatole France

Why retreat?

slow down

As we all know, our lives can be consumed with the busy rhythms of day to day living.



In the midst of juggling demands between work, family, and our own personal matters, it can be difficult to offer ourselves adequate time for our own reflection and self-care.



To add to the extra noise, as a culture, we are so digitally plugged in that it can sometimes be difficult to enjoy the present moment, nature’s beauty, human connection and life’s simply pleasures.



We all do our best to manage the inevitable distractions, but sometimes we require a hard reset to come back home to ourselves, re-ground and re-establish the tools for more conscious living, contentment and happiness.


What to expect



Allow yourself time for introspection. Settle, tune in, and connect more deeply with your intuition and inner wisdom.


learn & expand

Broaden your knowledge with daily Dharma talks and theme-based topics. Depending on the season, teachings will be relevant to particular cycles in nature and Yogic and Buddhist philosophy.


return to nature

Wander, explore, and get lost in the beautiful sights around you. Nature nourishes the spirit and is a great teacher.


re-center & re-balance

Sometimes the hardest task is to just slow down. When we do allow ourselves to still, we open ourselves to new space for discovery, healing and growth.



Calm your nervous system, enhance clarity, and allow the benefits of meditation and mindfulness to rejuvenate your full being.


drop into the now

We often miss subtle messages and simple beauties when we’re wrapped up in the past and/or future thinking. Indulge in the present and observe life’s miracles all around you.


meet new friends

Introduce yourself to like-minded community and enjoy the rituals of practice in sangha (community). Enjoy the state of just being and embrace mindful conversation and connection.


Mindful eating

Enjoy daily organic meals that are thoughtfully crafted and accommodating to dietary needs. Nourish yourself with whole foods and ingredients that result in delicious combinations and variety.



“Practice and all is coming.” Enhance your yoga practice with daily offerings and themed classes. In these types of settings, students are able to receive more one on one attention and personal adjustments.


time for leisure

Schedules can be great, but sometimes what we really need is flexibility to do whatever calls to us. Give yourself time to catch up on a good book, hike, rest, whatever supports your time well spent.




I loved the retreat and cannot think of anything I would change - it was even better than I'd anticipated.

Koren creates a retreat environment that is a perfect mix of reflection, practice, and support. She gives attendees enough space to participate as much or as little as they would like depending on their needs. I loved my retreat with her and hope to participate in another in the future.

- Megan Hogerty


First and foremost, it was a fantastic experience and I would absolutely attend another one of Koren’s events.

I attended Koren Kiener’s fall yoga and mindfulness retreat in Ukiah. The entire weekend felt organized, thought out, and it flowed well – I never felt rushed or confused about what was next. I really liked the option for silent Saturday and that we ate our breakfasts in silence. I thought the quite reflection/journal time before and after practicing was awesome. I appreciated the light direction from Koren – I could write freely, but I had some guidance for a topic.  The time allotted for writing was perfect. I loved the hike on Saturday through the Redwoods – such a good idea to spend quiet time outside. The yoga (per usual with Koren) was fantastic. Overall it was a lovely and thoughtful experience and I hope to be able to attend the next one.

- Vanessa Brown


previous retreats

Ukiah, CA | Fall 2017

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