With Gratitude

teacher to teacher

" Koren’s rich inner world and practice translates into her deftly guiding her students to be
enriched from their own inner experiences. "

- Jill Satterfield, vajra yoga -

students TO TEACHER

" Koren is wonderful, very inspirational and knowledgeable in the practice! Very relaxing. Lightening and refreshing class. "



teacher to teacher

" Koren has a heart filled with gold. From the second I met her, she radiates this warm, calming & caring energy. I felt truly seen and heard by her as she has a beautiful & natural tendency to hold space for you and your needs. I always look forward to being around her as she naturally exudes positivity & tranquility. Koren carries herself in a humble yet confident way and has so much knowledge & wisdom to share in her craft of yoga. I admire her balanced lifestyle which inspires a sense of wholeness back to my own. "

- Kelly Pender Yoga -


5 STAr rating

Great way to start a Saturday morning. The teacher made the world stop for an hour and 15. Great for a day off or needing a shift in your body.

Great teacher, explained the poses and guided you through the practice clearly. Very chill atmosphere.

This class is such a treat! So peaceful, and some of my fav twists and pigeon pose. I enjoy the music playing in the background too!

Amazing. Rejuvenating and strengthening. Great temperature and music


Alice net

5 star rating


After relocating to SF I went to different studios and kept trying different instructors until I was lucky to have found Koren's class. On my first day she came up to me and introduced herself and had a conversation with me in regards to my relationship with yoga and I appreciated feeling welcomed by her. I have continued to be her student ever since. Koren has a sincere aura and beautiful energy about her that inspires her students on and off the matt. She is really receptive to her student's needs and instills throughout the practice a perfect balance of being nurturing and challenging. It is indeed mindful movement. Her class accommodates students at any level as she is mindful of always demonstrating and assisting different variations of the asanas. I really enjoy her sharing inspirational quotes throughout the class and our final savasana with lavender oil are a perfect ending to the practice. I am really grateful to have found her class and recommend her to anyone (in any level) who wants to cultivate a soul-mind-body connection. She is truly an amazing teacher and everything I was looking for to deepen my practice.

hands down
my favorite


I was very fortunate to find Koren’s class through ClassPass and it’s hands down my favorite. Koren has the unique ability to blend knowledgable yoga practice with mindfulness in a way that feels truly authentic. I always come away feeling grounded, inspired and in touch my surroundings.



Koren's classes are everything a yoga class should be. Her voice is authentic and sincere, and her sequences are incredibly nourishing. She does an amazing job bringing together a perfect blend of poses that challenge, strengthen, and allow one to sink in and rejuvenate. She often weaves in digestible bits of yogic philosophy that effortlessly enhances the practice, which contributes to what feels like a very whole experience. I always leave Koren's class feeling better in my body and with a greater sense of inner peace and contentment.



Koren's Mindful flow class incorporates both mind and body. She creates an experience for each student, thoughtfully weaving meditation into the asana practice. Koren is a masterful teacher- with attention to detail and extensive knowledge of the postures, she leads students on a journey to discover their own inspiration.

remarkable, inspiring, authentic

Lilli Misner

Koren is a remarkable teacher. She brings wisdom and kindness to her teaching and a truly generous heart. Her authenticity is one of her greatest strengths. She teaches with grace and compassion, creating an environment where students are encouraged to explore their edges, while being offered ample time for inner reflection. Her asana sequences move fluidly from pose to pose as she effortlessly balances stillness and movement, weaving in relevant themes to play with. One feels supported by her calm and attentive presence and her instructions always include alternatives as students are encouraged and empowered to be their own teachers and to listen to the deep intuitive language of the body. Koren is knowledgeable, solid, inspiring, and one who walks her talk.


Katherine Dotter

Koren is a naturally gifted yoga teacher. Her knowledgeable attention to alignment helps students of all levels feel confident in their poses. I find Koren's classes to be the perfect balance of reflecting inward and expressing yourself through movement. Every class reflects her dedication to giving the student a nourishing experience from her thoughtful quotes to lavender oil...you are sure to walk away feeling inspired and relaxed!



Koren's class is remarkable and while has a strong yoga flow she incorporates mindfulness and meditation using her creativity. Her flow is energetic yet her voice is calming, helping you remain in your body as she exhuberates positivity and tenderness.



Koren is an excellent yoga instructor who authentically knows how to connect with her students. Her hands on teaching method was impressive. I was a first time yoga student and I came out of the class with a new found love for yoga! I thought her methods were innovative and unique. Koren can tackle any class size and in any venue. My particular class she put in 100% and made sure we got the best yoga experience! I strongly recommend her, and anyone would be fortunate to have her.


Brittany Cooper

Koren welcomes you into her class with open arms and an open heart. Her peaceful and loving attitude energizes your yoga practice and encourages you to thrive in the moment. What a gift it has been to explore inner peace and feel connected in mind and body with her motivating words! Koren helps you ground your spirit with hope and determination to achieve your personal goals. In every session she has gone out of her way to make me feel personally included, inspired, and supported. I can't wait for my next class with Koren!


Laura Mannino

Koren leads her class with a calm presence and a spirited demeanor. Koren takes the time to check with each student and adjusts us during class. The attention to her student’s poses and the encouragement to go a little further are what makes her classes worth coming back to.


Halley Johnson

I have been practicing yoga for 11 years for exercise, meditation, and stress relief. When I heard Koren was a yoga instructor, I had her come to my house and set up a yoga class for my friends and I. We were all very impressed with how she was present and skilled. She personalized the instruction to fit the participants experience levels and helped make adjustments so we didn’t injure ourselves. During savasana, Koren lead wonderful meditations which allowed us to think mindfully about our lives.



Ever since I moved back to Bay Area, it's been hard to find a good yoga studio let alone a good instructor. It was my first time at Zazen SF and Koren was teaching that day. She was such a fantastic instructor and patient with not only me but everyone else in the class.



Koren truly enjoys teaching Yoga... She is a very intelligent and down-to-earth girl who has inspired me to continue taking her class & branch out to explore more yoga classes. I had never taken a yoga class before I took Koren’s class. She is very good at explaining movements, positions/poses and their benefits while keeping the class engaged and interested... which keeps me motivated. Thanks Koren!

CALMING, PURPOSEFUL, highly recommended


Koren is a fantastic yoga instructor. She was the one who actually introduced me to yoga and Its been a big part of my life ever since. Her style is calm but purposeful and I can't wait for her next class! Highly recommended!



Koren projects confidence and knowledge of many different yoga poses. Koren conducts each class in a very calming and professional manner. She always seems to have the class planned so that one move flows right into the next effortlessly. Each class always has a balance of strength building, relaxation, and stretching. She’s also very receptive to listening to students about focus areas and providing alternative moves appropriate for people with different levels of yoga experience. I really enjoy Koren’s classes and look forward to each class.



I had taken a hiatus from yoga after moving to San Francisco, so I was a little nervous about returning to practice – but Koren’s gentle and thoughtful teaching immediately put me at ease and kept me engaged throughout. I feel that a lot of instructors tend to primarily focus on the physical aspect of practicing yoga, but Koren brings together the mental and spiritual aspects as well. I walk out of Koren’s class feeling calmer, more positive, and reenergized!

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserves your love and affection.
— Buddha