The Benefits

Private sessions allow students to become more focused and immersed in their own personal practice. While studio settings are great for providing an inclusive and communal energy, private instruction takes the student deeper into their own asana (physical practice) and spiritual work. As the teacher, I can offer more direct attention, hands on adjustments, and thorough feedback. Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, my theory always stands that there is constant room for growth. This opportunity allows individuals to become more intimately connected with their goals, while private groups are able to share this wellness experience as a community. My goal is to help students explore the landscape of their intentions in order cultivate greater awareness, inspiration, and personal transformation.



For bookings and more information about out-call venues, locations, and rates, please inquire here

Available locations

Satori Yoga Studio
Outdoor options (Additional prop rental fees may apply)



Bachelor / Bachelorette
Mother's Day / Father's Day


Couples yoga
Groups of 2 or more
Kid's yoga (Ages 5 and up)

Personalized Options

As we constantly encounter change in our lives, we each have different intentions at different times. I’ve created a range of offerings
to suit the various needs of my students, and look forward to understanding your special requests. I am always open to accommodate personalized motivations for this immersive work!

Restorative emphasis

  • Gentle poses for mindfulness integration

  • Assisted poses with supportive props and adjustments

  • Overview of the benefits of restorative variations

Yoga & meditation for emotional wellbeing

  • Asana and/or meditation practices for specific emotional needs

  • Supportive tools for coping with particular emotional states

Law of attraction & mindfulness integration

  • Mindful focus on the desired areas for manifestation

  • Personalized meditations and visualizations

  • Overview of daily exercises rooted in law of attraction practices

Aromatherapy session

  • Aromatherapy oil application to support various energetic responses within the body

  • Aromatherapy eye pillows for deep relaxation

  • Discussion of the benefits and properties of specific oils for holistic wellness

Developing an advanced practice

  • For students seeking to explore the next phase in their
    personal practice

  • Tools for forming a patient and balanced approach
    to advanced asana work through mindful means

  • Setting the foundations for safe instruction and alignment

  • Establish a personalized program, adhering to
    student’s goals and individual progress

Asana 101

  • Create a deeper understanding of basic alignment and sequencing

  • Explanations of posture benefits (emotional, mental and physical)


Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power
— Lao Tzu