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You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is,
so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is,
so is your destiny.
— Brihadaranyaka Upanishad IV.4.5

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My motivation is to share yoga, mindfulness, and meditation as tools to unearth our creative abilities, discover personal freedom, and embrace the present moment for all that IS. I encourage my students to use their unique strengths and challenges as a catalyst towards healing, transformation, and empowerment. I view these instrumental means as a channel to access our full potential and align with our Dharma (personal truth).



Mindfulness Harvest for
Release & Renewal

SEMI - SILENT weekend retreat  |  ukiah, ca

october 6 - october 8, 2017

8150 Orr Springs Road  |  Ukiah, Ca, 95482  |  (415) 806-6899

Join Koren for this 3 day, 2 night wellness retreat in Zazen's private, nature-filled haven in Ukiah, CA. As we transition from the warmth of the summer and into the cooler season of autumn, we end one cycle in preparation for another to begin. Through various cultures, the symbolism of fall may closely associate with the elements of letting go, abundance, and rebirth. As we notice the natural transitions of leaves falling, landscape colors and temperatures changing, we toocan shed any unwanted baggage in order to transform and re-align
with our personal center and power.

" Wilderness helps us preserve our capacity for wonder - the power to feel, if not to see, 
the miracles of life, of beauty, and of harmony around us. "
- William O. Douglas

Only a few spots left!


SINGLE: $450

(  2 OPEN  )

SHARED SINGLE - queen beD: $650

(  1 OPEN  )
Want to attend with a partner or friend but don't want to camp or pay
for the individual single rate? We've provided this option for those pairs
who are comfortable sharing a single room with a Queen bed.


 (  2 OPEN  )

Option for those with their own gear. Supplies provided by student.

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Weekly Classes



Mondays  |  6:15pm - 7:30pm
Saturdays  |  9am - 10:15am

2219 Filbert St,San Francisco, CA 94123


honor yourself, live freely 

As an artist and instructor, I pride individuality and fostering an understanding of who we truly are. I believe that by cultivating awareness to our physical, emotional, and mental bodies, our goals become clearer, self-compassion grows more freely, and confidence enables us to manifest our desires. 

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CREATE space, find your truth

Our practice becomes the window of consciousness looking into the present moment, and builds the foundation of possibility and potential. This journey back home to ourselves not only facilitates healing from the inside out, but gives us the clarity and enthusiasm to complete
our unique work as individuals.

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"Koren is by far one of the best
yoga instructors in SF."


" In a city where majority of the classes are power or cardio focused, it was so refreshing to attend
Koren's class that allowed you to hold the stretches and really feel the benefits of each pose. "



Koren's Mindful flow class incorporates both mind and body. She creates an experience for each student, thoughtfully weaving meditation into the asana practice. Koren is a masterful teacher- with attention to detail and extensive knowledge of the postures...

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Perfect balance

Koren is a naturally gifted yoga teacher. Her knowledgeable attention to alignment helps students of all levels feel confident in their poses. I find Koren's classes to be the perfect balance of reflecting inward and expressing yourself through movement. Every class reflects her...

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I had taken a hiatus from yoga after moving to San Francisco, so I was a little nervous about returning to practice – but Koren’s gentle and thoughtful teaching immediately put me at ease and kept me engaged throughout. I feel that a lot of instructors tend to primarily focus on the...

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