President Obama, I miss you. Donald Trump, please step down.


I have been feeling a bit under the weather, so I sadly did not march with my fellow sisters and allies today. This does not mean that I can’t have and share my voice. While I didn’t make a sign to proudly demonstrate to the public this afternoon, I have a few general points that I want to address. While others were marching today, I took the time to develop my thoughts towards the larger goal of healing, fair expression, and empowerment for positive change and equality.

Honoring what is here, what is now… this is the truth merged with considered mindfulness of what needs to be seen… what is perceived, and what is felt. This is a real, raw sense of what my experience is. Today. Now. Here.

So, to Donald Trump and to the entire Trump administration, I have some words for you today…

You are NOT my president, and I do not respect your authority and choice of actions. My vision of a President outsteps your mission and values, and I cannot support what resonates as wrong within me. I am tired of paying my hard earned money, tax dollars, and physical energy towards the investment of your sexist, racist, unstable, and diminishing behavior. What is leadership to you I wonder, or do you even know what that word means or entails? Your reactive nature leads me to believe that you are desperately in need of this knowledge. I have not seen any exemplary demonstration of an enlightening voice worth listening to, and I feel offended for humanity by your disrespect and blind understanding of what compassion is. Have you practiced awareness? Are you capable of seeing through another’s eyes on the opposite end of your tracks? Do you know the impact of kindness and this necessity for the future of humankind? From what you have already established and continue to create, I feel that I am not expending towards a bright and promising future. Instead, I am pouring out both my monetary and energetic earnings into an infrastructure built on hate, disempowerment, and destruction. But what do I do, I need to survive right? I need to submit and comply so that myself and my family can sustainably exist here in America. You are putting many others in this confining and damaging predicament of questioning… “What is there to do? I’m trapped, I'm defeated.” You are reinventing the mottos that we used to feel liberated to express: “Proud to be an American.” Sadly, I find myself questioning this affirmation more and more, and at times I feel embarrassed to be an American right now.

When you take on a leadership role in the obligation to PEOPLE and a cause greater than yourself, not money, not business, not self-directed interests, you have a responsibility. You have the possibility to instill courage, hope, strength, and success into the people that look up to you and further TRUST your guidance. May I ask, what message are you sending them when your judgement considers underprivileged circumstances as “shitholes?” What trust can people have in someone when he or she neglects the people and situations that need the MOST help. While these “shithole” countries may not be what you call home, so it may be easy for you to turn a blind eye to their suffering, your ignorant mentality is the reality for some people HERE in THIS country. Is that the message that you want to send them? That their predetermined “shithole” lives are irrevocable and not worthy of concern? In your underlying message you are essentially saying that “There is no hope.” "You are not worthy." "You are an outsider." "You are a problem." Leadership is built on this notion of hope for progression, so why then are YOU here Mr. Trump? Where is the hope in your hate? Where is the compassion in your misinformed perspectives? Where is the leader in you?

I find it confusing to understand why someone who has the PRIVILEGE to be a leader of an entire country blatantly takes advantage of the work that still needs to be done. You are white, you are male, your upbringing taught you what underprivelaged upbringing does not. While it may be difficult for you to understand a vast percentage of the population, that is your job to TRY to understand. It is your duty to HEAR what needs to be heard. It is your PRIVILEGE to inspire social change that will uplift rather than depress. 

So we speak - as a way to be heard, empowered, and largely to HEAL as a people. I have never been much invested into politics at all, but I can’t help but feel prompted to commit to this larger cry for help. The cry is overwhelmingly flooding your way… why can’t you hear us? We are suffering and unearthing prior issues that we have worked so hard to fight against. Do you care about your fellow human? Our needs? Our pain? While you may not understand, can you at least pause to listen? You are encouraging a country built on the values of freedom to become an unsafe, hate driven, and ugly place. But why? Haven’t we come so far to embrace and celebrate our progression? Why destroy that positive growth and replace it with toxic practices that are becoming societal weeds? Shouldn’t we be trying to eliminate this negativity so that virtuous paradigms can create promising foundations for what is now and what is to come? Why must you continuously make a mockery of human prerogatives, social issues, and environmental concerns? While we can try to sit back, practice understanding, and attempt to give you a shot, the karma has not been reciprocated. And one of my biggest questions to you is: Why are we fighting against ourselves? Is the goal to create a war against the people that we are supposed to admire as community? Life is hard enough, why can’t we make it easier and coexist through love, compassion, and freedom for all? It seems like the obvious choice now doesn't it.

And as a female and advocate for women’s empowerment and rights, I have some personal questions for you…

Do you know MY body?

Do you know what MY body has to fear?

Do you know what MY body says to me?

Do you know how MY body hurts?

Do you know MY body’s insecurities?

Do you know when MY body feels pain?

Do you know when MY body needs help?

Do you know what treatments MY body needs?

Do you know what procedures MY body needs?

Do you know what symptoms MY body experiences?

Do you know when MY body is happy?

Do you know when MY body is sad?

Do you know when MY body wants attention? 

Do you know when MY body says stop?

Do you know when MY body says go?

Do you know what MY body craves?

Do you know what MY body resists?

Do you know MY body?

Some questions to consider, and while I’m inquiring, 

Do you have a “PUSSY?” Can you attest to understanding these inevitable female experiences? 

I know I don’t stand alone when I say this, but hands off (both literally and figuratively) what is NOT yours.

We know you like to be seen and heard through your viral, superfluous twitter rants, so why can’t you take the time to listen to the people who you are supposedly “serving?” I’ve been suffering in silence due to the constant overwhelm of “What Trump did or said now.” Shouldn’t there be a felt excitement to what positive, knowledgeable, and influential sentiments one’s national leader just expressed? Why is it that the majority of the time I have negative visceral reactions when I hear about the next obscene or shocking thing that Trump has said or done? My body tenses, my chest tightens, emotion floods my body in the combination of anger and sadness. Something to think about, do you like seeing people squirm in pain?

And this is where I can try to be compassionate with YOU… hear me out…

I understand that the role of President is an enormous responsibility.

I understand that none of us have all of the answers, all of the time.

I understand that unknowingly, we may be preconditioned to think, act, and speak a certain ways due to our environments and upbringing.

I understand that stress can cause us to act and verbalize in ways outside of our genuine good nature.

I understand that what we agree to may be more challenging than what we anticipated.

I understand that we break down sometimes before we evolve.

I understand that no one is perfect, and sometimes we say and do things that we don’t mean.

I understand that life is tough and we are always learning from our mistakes (and in general).

I understand that we need compassion when we are hurting. 

I understand that sometimes anger and hurtful actions are a result of what is hurting within us.

I understand that we can feel defensive when we are not getting the support that we want.

I understand that not everyone is going to see eye to eye.

I understand that what is epic to me, may not be epic to you.

I understand that we are human… I understand.

So, to Donald Trump and the entire Trump administration, please feel and absorb these words today and moving forward. Please take a little more time to reflect on the motives behind your decisions and actions. Please reflect on how your actions and words may influence and affect others. Please reflect on what is empowering and what is not. Please reflect on what is universally-minded and what is self-motivated. Please revisit the word compassion, understand what it means, and apply it to your relationships and National policies.

And, please Donald Trump… radically transform your patterns and imprisoning methods, or